Microsoft Office 2007 Free Download (Full Version)

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Microsoft Office 2007 Free Download (Full Version)

Microsoft Office 2007 Free Download – Office 12 or better known as Microsoft Office 2007, is a version of Microsoft Office for Windows which was first released on January 30, 2007. This product can also be said to be an older version of Microsoft which is still used today by some people, especially for PC / Laptop with low specifications.


Microsoft Office 2007 Free Download (Full Version)

Through this version, Microsoft introduces the latest user interface that is different and does not leave the slightest appearance of Office that existed in previous versions. This change makes Microsoft Office 2007 appear much more modern and organized but does not leave the impression of simplicity.

Not only bringing changes in terms of appearance, but Microsoft Office 2007 has also provided a number of new features in addition, Microsoft has also introduced the Office Open XML file format as the default file format in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Unfortunately on October 10, 2017, Microsoft officially ended mainstream support for Office 2007 and on November 1, 2021, last year, Microsoft also announced that Outlook 2007 would be disconnected from connecting to Microsoft 365 Exchange servers.

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Microsoft Office 2007 Features

Microsoft Office 2007 Free Download (Full Version)

Microsoft Office 2007 comes with a variety of feature enhancements from previous versions (Office 2000 & Office 2003), including SmartArt, Office buttons, Office Groove Quick Access Toolbar, and many more. For more details, you can see a list of excellent features of Microsoft Office 2007 and their explanations below;

1. App view

The most prominent change in this 2007 version of Microsoft Office is in terms of the appearance of the application which is different from the previous one. For example, the emergence of the Office Button, Ribbon, Live Preview, Quick Access, Mini Toolbar, and Contextual Tabs. You can see a more detailed explanation in the following points;

  • Office Button – This button can be found in the upper left corner of the application. Functionally, this button is almost the same as the “File” menu in previous versions of Office, where you can access common features in all Office applications, such as opening, saving, and printing files.
  • Ribbon – A view concept that groups items according to their use and context. For example, the Home menu has Clipboard, Font, Paragraph, to Styles items.
  • Quick Access – A number of menus are located to the right of the Office Button, which serves as tools to speed up access that are commonly used, such as Save, Cancel, Print, and Search.
  • Mini Toolbar – Provides easy access to the most commonly used formatting commands. You can find these tools when you right-click the mouse on the work page.
  • Contextual Tabs – Provides quick access to specific options for the selected text or object.

2. SmartArt

SmartArt has the main function as a tool to beautify your work page to make it more attractive. This feature has approximately 70 templates that you are ready to use whenever you need them and are also equipped with various types of diagrams, both 2D and 3D.

Not only that, but you can also insert images from your PC / laptop in PowerPoint projects to give a professional impression when making presentations. You can access these SmartArt tools via the Insert » menu in the “Illustration” section.

3. Format File

Open XML has become the default file format in Microsoft Office 2007. The application of this format has made a number of document formats change. For example, Word which was previously in DOC format has now changed to DOCX.

Likewise, Excel and PowerPoint, which were originally in XLS and PPT formats, changed to XLSX and PPTX. From these changes, the resulting size is currently 75% smaller than the previous Microsoft Office format.

4. Collaboration Features

And more interestingly, Microsoft Office 2007 is also provided with collaboration features that you can use for various purposes, such as collaborating between colleagues to edit documents in a space that has been managed effectively and efficiently.

In addition, you can also manage workspaces created with a series of additional features, such as: inviting participants, and real-time messaging, to monitor room activity with alerts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft Office 2007

Basically, the advantages of having Microsoft Office 2007 make it easier for PC / laptop users with low specifications to still be able to experience office software services, whether to create documents in Word or maybe do calculations in Excel.

But behind the many benefits provided by Office 2007, of course, there are also disadvantages that many users may not know about. To be more clear, you can see the following advantages and disadvantages;

Advantages of Microsoft Office 2007

  • Features and services are more complete than in the previous version.
  • Changes in the appearance of a number of menus that are made more attractive.
  • The emergence of the “Reference” menu which serves to facilitate users in making a bibliography, table of contents, etc.
  • There is an “Office Button” in the upper left corner.
  • The resulting file size is smaller.
  • The addition of more fonts.
  • A SmartArt feature that provides a set of templates for free to users.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Office 2007

  • Changes in application interface design make users have to adapt again to new environments.
  • Larger installer.
  • Specifications are heavier than the previous version.
  • Minimum OS used is Windows XP with SP 2.
  • The 2007 Office file format cannot be executed by previous versions of Microsoft Office, so users need to install a converter.
  • Saving files for the web is more complex than previous versions.
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System Requirement Microsoft Office 2007

DeviceMinimum Specification
Storage2 GB
Display1024 x 768 resolution
Operating systemWindows XP Service Pack 2 or later
BrowserInternet Explorer 6.0 or later, 32-bit browser only

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