25 Unique and Interactive Instagram Content Ideas for Business

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25 Unique and Interactive Instagram Content Ideas for Business
25 Unique and Interactive Instagram Content Ideas for Business

Instagram Content Ideas for Business – For Instagram business accounts, diligently making posts is a must if you want to expand your marketing reach. However, often the biggest challenge is coming up with fresh Instagram content ideas every day.

In this article we will share 25 Instagram content ideas that are not only for, but also interactive so that the audience is interested in leaving likes, comments, and even following your business account.


8 Instagram features you need to know

Before we discuss what are the best Instagram content ideas, let’s first look at the main features on this social media platform.

  1. Instagram Feed – The main page that users first see when they open the app. All recent photos and videos, as well as suggested posts will be displayed here.
  2. Instagram Stories – Insta Stories are short content that will disappear automatically within 24 hours of being posted. Located at the top of the feed, this feature has a variety of uses which we’ll explain in more detail later.
  3. Highlight – This feature loads Stories for longer storage into categories as you wish. Since the highlight is right below the bio, you can use it for branding or as a product catalog.
  4. IGTV – Instagram also has a TV channel for users who want to upload videos with longer durations.
  5. Reels – With a concept similar to TikTok, Reels allows users to create short videos up to 30 seconds long. Users can edit, give effects, control the speed of the video directly from this feature.
  6. Instagram Guide – A new feature that was recently launched. With the Guide feature, users can share tips, information, or recommendations with other users.
  7. Instagram Live – A feature to broadcast live from the Instagram app. Business people can take advantage of this feature to directly greet followers, introduce brands, and promote products.
  8. Instagram Shop – The Shop feature is on the Explore page, where users can find Editors’ Picks, Collections, and purchase products directly from the app.

The 25 best Instagram Content Ideas for Business accounts

Here are Fernn’s recommended Instagram content ideas to drive engagement and increase sales for your business.

1. Create an Instagram Guide

25 Unique and Interactive Instagram Content Ideas for Business

This recently released feature is provided to share tips and tricks, recommendations, or any curation results to followers.

Through the Guide feature, the content and cover photos are packaged like articles or miniature magazines specifically for your brand.

For inspiration, take a peek at fashion tips and guides made by fashion brand Everlane on her Instagram profile. Popular brand H&M also uses this feature to recommend pre-made DIY tips posts.

If you don’t want to create new content, you can also reuse old photos in Guide format to simply diversify your content.

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2. Post a short tutorial on the feed

25 Unique and Interactive Instagram Content Ideas for Business

Social media has now become a medium for learning various kinds of unique and unexpected things. Video tutorials such as how to cook, creative makeup, to DIY tips have a lot of fans around the world so they can be used as Instagram content ideas to bring engagement.

One business that has implemented this strategy is Huda Beauty. This cosmetic brand regularly uploads short videos to its Instagram feed containing makeup tutorials using Huda Beauty’s products. This kind of video is proven to be effective in inspiring the audience to buy the product and try it for themselves.

If you are interested in making a similar tutorial, make sure the video has the best resolution and the audio is clear, and include all the products used in the caption.

3. Present useful information via Carousel

25 Unique and Interactive Instagram Content Ideas for Business

Since the Carousel format, users can upload multiple photos or videos at once in one post.

Business accounts generally take advantage of this feature to introduce new products, share wise quotes, videos, and tutorials. Like the branding agency Edge of Seventeen, they created a Carousel containing how-to guides, important information, and other inspirational content.

And to make marketing campaigns easier, you can also set Carousel posts to be posted automatically in the feed according to the desired schedule. With this scheduling feature, your content is always uploaded in effective posting hours without missing a beat.

4. Tell us about your behind-the-scenes activities

For entrepreneurs like you, the next interesting Instagram content that shouldn’t be ignored is behind the scenes content.

Apart from going through feeds, this type of content is also suitable for sharing on Stories and Reels so it doesn’t mess up the aesthetics of the feed that has been planned as well as possible.

For business accounts, usually behind-the-scenes content tells about the people who run the business, the process of making products, or it could be a tour around the office of your business.

5. Create Instagram Reels

25 Unique and Interactive Instagram Content Ideas for Business

Instagram released a new feature that quickly won the hearts of many users, including business people on this platform. This feature is Instagram Reels, which is now the mainstay content format for creating short videos with a maximum duration of 30 seconds.

Interesting Instagram content that you can present through this feature includes behind-the-scenes stories, makeup tutorials, or you can also share cake and other recipes.

In contrast to feed posts which are demanded to be aesthetically pleasing and of high quality, Reels usually seems more “raw” or raw because it focuses more on presenting content that is currently relevant and easy to digest.

Need inspiration? Check out Pretzel Donut Co’s content below. They made a tutorial on how to recreate a simple yet beautiful donut to welcome Valentine’s Day at home.

6. Introduce the team or employees

There’s nothing to lose if you insert stories about great people behind the business scene in your feed every now and then so that followers don’t get bored of just looking at promotional content.

Get the audience to know more about the team members or employees who work hard to run the business. Apart from showing the human side of your business, this type of content also helps create a more personal relationship between your audience and your brand.

You can copy ideas from the lifestyle brand Goop. This brand created a special highlight entitled Staffer Routines which showcased the daily routines of its employees during the WFH period.

7. Tag product photos in posts

Social media can bring traffic to your website. For online businesses, one of the best ways is to upload product photos with product labels on their Instagram feed.

If you want to use this label feature, you will need to convert your account to a business account and create a product catalog first.

The steps for tagging products are almost the same as tagging a friend’s Instagram account. After specifying the photo you want to upload, click on the product you want to tag and select the product from the catalog.

Users who view this post can also see product names and prices with just one tap. And by clicking on the displayed link, they are immediately taken to your online selling website .

8. Maximize Instagram profile bio

25 Unique and Interactive Instagram Content Ideas for Business

Choosing an Instagram bio seems pretty trivial, but it’s an important key to getting people interested in opening and following your profile.

Located right below the profile photo, the bio column must include the name of your brand or product, a tagline or a brief description that reflects your business, as well as a website address link.

If necessary, also add emojis or symbols so that the bio doesn’t seem too stiff and formal, as cosmetic brand Coco Kind and the Sports World Chicago account do below.

9. Take advantage of the highlights

It’s been hard to make a cool Insta Story, but how come it can only be seen for 24 hours? Don’t worry, now all uploaded pictures and videos can be shared forever through the Highlight feature.

From this feature, you can summarize your favorite stories according to their respective categories or themes. Stories that have been added to Highlights can be accessed from your profile permanently or until you delete them.

Later you can also give a name and choose a cover for each Highlight, like the Pholk Beauty brand did.

In your business account, try creating highlights with motivational quotes, helpful tips, customer reviews, or even flashbacks of past events.

10. Create a serial post

If you often wonder what to post on Instagram, plot the series into your content calendar. This is a cool post idea if you want long term engagement.

Find themes relevant to your account, then work with collaborators or influencers to deliver new content each week.

If you run a store, why not make a series of posts about styling your home or wardrobe? If you are an entrepreneur, how about a success story?

Upload an image for each post of the series so that it appears in the main feed. This is a great way to keep users coming back regularly.

11. Try Instagram Takeover

Push collaboration ideas a step further, and ask influencers to take over your account every once in a while.

This is a very powerful way to increase brand recognition. Your chosen influencer can spend a day posting Stories to your followers, showing how they use your products.

Maximize this opportunity by considering your goal: do you want a larger audience, or maybe you want to increase your credibility?

Remember, this is not a literal takeover. Influencers must send you their content beforehand, for you to upload. That way, you’re both in tune with what your followers will see.

12. Collaboration with influencers on IGTV

The idea of ​​Instagram content this time still involves Instagram influencers. The feature needed is IGTV to load long-form content.

Like a television, there are many things that can be broadcast through the IGTV channel. It is not uncommon for accounts to use this feature to diversify their content.

For inspiration, take a peek at the profile of a lifestyle brand called Anthropologie. Through this feature, they upload meditation videos, cooking activities, and vacation videos.

In addition to inviting reputable influencers, make sure the content that will be presented is informative, relevant, and useful for the target audience of your business.

13. Live Instagram with special guests

25 Unique and Interactive Instagram Content Ideas for Business

Here’s another collaborative post idea for your content calendar. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a TV presenter, this is the Instagram content for you.

Think of topics of interest, and find coworkers, influencers, or industry experts with a good WiFi signal.

Be sure to tell people about your Instagram Live event beforehand. Post a picture of a collaborator on your grid, or multiple Stories the day before.

Take inspiration from Friends NYC with their regular book club posts, or fashion brand Insert Name Here, whose co-founders chat about new launches.

14. Share interesting facts and statistics

Want to showcase your brand achievements? Turn them into Instagram content and let your audience know that your business is booming.

Or educating your followers – no one wants to be reported on social media, but everyone loves a funny or surprising fact.

This is an easy way to diversify your content. Save tons of stats for days when you don’t know exactly what to post on Instagram.

Just make sure the facts and statistics you post are correct. If you can fascinate your followers with this type of content, it will generate tremendous engagement.

15. Share customer testimonials

Let’s face it, we all read reviews before making a purchase. It’s reassuring to know that someone else has purchased and (hopefully) liked the item in your cart.

There’s nothing stopping you from posting on Instagram every time you get a glowing testimonial.

See how snack brand Parm Crisps shares great reviews. Simplicity is the key to making an impact – just a jazzy orange background and upbeat text.

Posting reviews will easily fill your page with fun content. Plus, it’s a great way to fill your schedule when you’re stuck for things to post.

16. Sharing user-generated content

Spend enough time on Instagram, and you’ll find that some accounts seem to only post user-generated content.

While it’s not the most solid idea for brand building, you should definitely splash some of your followers’ Instagram posts through your page.

User generated content is invaluable. This requires your account to repost photos your own customers take using your branded products.

Sharing these types of posts instantly builds credibility, plus it shows that you’re engaged with your audience. Encourage users by asking them to tag your company in their posts.

17. Have quizzes and polls

Market research doesn’t have to cost a lot of time and money. Instagram polls can be a great source for live audience feedback.

If you are a savvy social media marketer, you can post polls or quizzes in your Stories which leads to a better understanding of the types of customers you have.

However, they don’t have to aim so high. If you’ve reached Friday morning and you don’t know what to post on Instagram, run the quiz.

Apart from market research, fun and interesting content to display. Let your followers be more personal with you.

18. Ask followers a question

25 Unique and Interactive Instagram Content Ideas for Business

While we’re dealing with personal matters, let’s talk about questions. This is a more in-depth way to get solid info from your followers.

From product inquiries to candid opinions and general conversations, the question box is a fun feature you can add to your Stories.

Create a community feel, and encourage people to share tips or ideas your audience might like.

And, if you want to get more ideas about what to post on Instagram, why not just ask your followers what they think?

19. Have a giveaway or contest

25 Unique and Interactive Instagram Content Ideas for Business

Instagram giveaways are becoming increasingly popular with influencers, but they are also a great tactic for businesses. Why should you do it? Brand exposure, for starters.

Holding a contest or giveaway shows how much you value your audience. Also, depending on the rules for logging in, it is likely to increase your follower count.

Celebrate an achievement, like Healthy Nesting, or partner with another company to offer a stack of free prizes to one lucky winner.

Ask users to like and comment on posts, share them in their Stories, and follow your account. If you want to explode on Instagram, this is a great idea.

20. Use the Swipe Up feature

25 Unique and Interactive Instagram Content Ideas for Business

We’re about to open: this feature is currently only available to Instagram users with more than 10,000 followers. But hey, it could be you.

The famous Swipe-Up function is an easy way to get your audience to visit your website. You can simply add it to your Story when you share an interesting update.

Hair care brand Ouai uses Swipe-Up to show followers where they can find the company’s latest products.

If you know about affiliate marketing, you can also encourage influencers to link to your website as a Swipe-Up in their own Stories.

21. Have a sudden promo or flash sale

Gone are the days where you emailed your customers with sales notifications. Now you can post on Instagram only.

Sure, you can still do email, but flash selling on social media can help you win over followers who haven’t entered the sales funnel.

Include a discount code that’s exclusive to Instagram viewers, and make sure your offer has a time limit – weekend sales have to catch the eye.

So, if you’re wondering what to post on Instagram to market your discount, consider creating an exclusive flash sale event instead.

22. Create event countdowns or product launches

New launches should be very exciting – usually the result of a lot of hard work. It’s even more rewarding when your followers are excited too.

If you want to know what to post on Instagram to give your event the fanfare it deserves, do it all with a countdown.

You can add a countdown clock to your Stories. Just enter the date and time, then post – make sure to do so within a day of launch.

Followers can tap the clock to set a reminder. You can also post daily photos on your grid before the big day.

23. Recycle old content

If you haven’t chosen what to post on Instagram from your other marketing channels, you should.

For greater reach, turn things you post elsewhere into Instagram content. Share photos of you doing podcasts, and add some great quotes.

Or, copy the Refinery29 media website and turn your article into an Instagram post – include a title and image to grab attention.

Once you have their attention, add a link to the content in your bio and tell your followers to click on it. Simple, right?

24. Repost from your favorite brand or account

Some Instagram posts are too amazing not to share. Maybe it’s a beautiful picture or an inspirational carousel quote.

If you find a cool post on Instagram that you think your followers will like, why not share it with them? Upload it to your grid or link it in a story.

This is a great way to give context to the way your brand thinks. One top tip: always credit the source, always.

It is a very bad practice to share an Instagram post and not tag the original poster. The same goes for stock images.

25. Celebrate important dates or holiday moments

Few businesses know exactly what to post on Instagram for the festive season, and florist Dominique Rose is one of them.

Hosting a daily giveaway is a fun (and generous) idea that will keep your followers engaged for a long time. If you can’t offer free stuff, there’s more you can do.

If you’re counting down to Christmas, post fun pictures each day of arrival. For smaller holidays, upload a meaningful quote or interesting fact.

And remember those Valentine donuts? Use all your Instagram content and Reel posts the way instead of the usual grid posts.

What are the benefits of regular posting on Instagram?

So, we’ve shown you how and what to post on Instagram, but why is it so important?

For businesses of any size, but especially small ones, there’s more to posting on Instagram than finding cute filters and a dozen hashtags.

This platform is a profitable sales channel. Coming up with catchy Instagram post ideas will keep your brand fresh in people’s minds.

Let’s break down the importance of considering what to post on Instagram, and doing it often:

  • Instagram uses an algorithm to display the latest posts, and that benefits active users.
  • People love new content. If you don’t post regularly, they won’t be compelled to follow you.
  • Consistent engagement will help you better understand your audience.

In conclusion, the more you post, the more visible you are. Remember to keep your content branded, engaging, and most importantly, spammy. Nobody likes spammers.