How to Get Quality Backlinks in 2022 (8 Strategies)

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How to Get Quality Backlinks in 2022 (8 Strategies)
How to Get Quality Backlinks in 2022 (image credit: elegantthemes)

How to Get Quality Backlinks – If you are doing SEO techniques for blogs, building backlinks is the way you need to do it. Backlinks are one of the most important and influential factors for most search engines , such as Google, Yahoo, and similar applications.

Backlinks are used as points to rank in search results. The more backlinks you get from a domain that has a high reputation, the better it will be in the eyes of Google. Google and similar search engines will consider your blog or website to have good relevance.


What are backlinks?

How to Get Quality Backlinks in 2022 (8 Strategies)
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Basically a backlink is a link or link that comes from a website to another website page. For example, suppose the site XYZ publishes an article and includes a link that when clicked will lead to your website or blog. The link or link will be a backlink for you.

Backlinks are considered a form of “voting” for a web page.With this the possibility of your blog to dominate the search results is also higher.

Blog or web pages that have a large number of backlinks have the opportunity to get high organic traffic from search engines.

However, the quantity or number of backlinks is not necessarily considered good by Google if it is not accompanied by the quality of the website that references your blog page.

It will actually be a boomerang for your blog if the backlinks you build come from domains that are indicated as spam or have a bad reputation. You need to use good and right ways to build backlinks without causing spam to other sites.

Well, in this article I will describe a strategy to get quality backlinks that can be applied to your blog so that you can compete and dominate the Google search page.

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How to Get Quality Backlinks in 2022 (8 Strategies)

Getting quality backlinks is not an easy matter. However, it is still possible to do so. The strategies that you can apply to get quality backlinks are as follows:

1. Create unique, original, complete and solution content

By creating unique, original, complete and solutive content, the credibility of your blog will increase because the content is in demand and read by blog visitors.

Visitors who are satisfied with your content will not hesitate to share the article on their social media platforms.

In addition, by creating quality content, it is possible that this content can be used as a reference and source of ideas by others to write similar content.

This strategy makes your chances of getting backlinks also greater. Other people will think to include your blog link in their articles because they think the content might be useful for readers as a comparison or complement to the article.

The backlinks they provide can also be considered a reward for your efforts to create valuable and quality content.

2. Become a guest writer (guest blogging)

Becoming a guest writer or guest blogging is an effective way to attract new audiences and readers.

How to Get Quality Backlinks in 2022 (8 Strategies)
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Many popular sites provide the opportunity for guest author articles to be published. Of course, on condition that it meets the standards set by the site in question.

By publishing articles or writings on popular websites , your writing will be seen by readers of the site. You can use this opportunity to insert a link or links that are relevant to the topic of the article, including by directing to your blog page.

Make sure the links listed are still relevant to the topic being discussed. For example, if you write about “blogging tips for beginners”, include a link to an article on your blog that has a similar topic.

This will encourage readers to browse the listed links and bring in new visitor traffic. In addition, these links or links will become free backlinks that will strengthen the reputation of your blog.

3. Writing on the Content Sharing Platform

Just like the previous point, you can publish your writing to content sharing platforms such as Medium, Kaskus, Reddit, and SlideShare . Platforms like this can be used to place a link to your website or blog.

How to Get Quality Backlinks in 2022 (8 Strategies)
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You can write a new article that is still related to the topic you are discussing and then place a link to the article you want.

That way you get a backlink from the content sharing platform . Even though the link is nofollow , this method is still feasible to apply to promote your blog content.

4. Comment on a quality website or blog (blog walking)

Another way you can try is by commenting on popular websites , such as news portals and blogs that have the same topic as your blog content.

The thing to remember, do comments in a good and ethical way. You can be considered spam if you comment on many websites for no apparent reason, just wanting to collect backlinks from the websites you visit.

To avoid being labeled a spammer, try to comment with the aim of helping others with similar interests. Commenting on the blog will provide an opportunity for you to interact with fellow readers and contribute in providing opinions or suggestions.

In the comments column you can insert a link that points to your blog. The goal is for readers to see other references that might help them get the information they need. That way, in addition to getting backlinks , the number of visits to your blog or website increases.

This strategy can also be applied to forums and online question and answer websites , such as Kaskus, Quora , and similar websites. Try to find a web forum that matches your blog’s niche and join the discussion there.

5. Create infographics

Unlike the previous points which focused on writing in-depth and time-consuming, this strategy tends to be easier and relies on creativity in the arts. Creating infographics to build backlinks is a strategy that you should do.

Infographics are information that is packaged in the form of attractive images and contains content that is easy to read quickly. As visual content, infographics are one of the most shared types of content online .

The infographic you create needs to be interesting and informative. so that other blogs and websites are interested in using these infographics to amplify or create variations in the content of their articles.

A good blog or website will certainly include a link to the original creator of the infographic–that is you.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional designer to create a great infographic. There are several tools commonly used by content creators to easily create infographics. Among them are Canva and Piktochart , which can be used for free.

6. Collaborating on promotions and endorsements

Creating quality content alone is not enough to get you backlinks . You also need to know how to promote it.

If you have more budget , you can establish promotional collaborations with influencers. They may share your content–including blog links–on their social media or platforms.

Paying influencers can be very expensive if you choose people with hundreds of thousands to millions of followers. An alternative solution is to collaborate with micro influencers who have only 1000~10,000 followers. Besides being more affordable, their followers are usually more loyal.

Also, you might want to consider bartering or collab as a cool term. For example, suppose you have a product that influencers can review . They can get these items for free and you yourself get a backlink to your website .

So this strategy is mutually beneficial.

7. Give testimonials

You can also get backlinks by giving testimonials to a business. Most companies need testimonials as proof and confirmation that the products they offer are liked by many people.

Usually they will display testimonials on the front page of the website or a special page dedicated to the success stories of customers who use their products or services.

This opportunity can be implemented by choosing the product or service that you use and helping you run your own blog or business. Then if you feel satisfied, try offering testimonials to the company and in return you get a backlink .

Make sure to choose a website with high Domain Authority or a website with a good reputation.

8. Fix broken links and recommend your blog

Fix broken links referred to here is to search for popular articles and scan all the links listed. If any link is broken or no longer accessible, you can contact the site owner and report it.

You can offer links to your blog articles that are relevant and quality to replace the broken links . The site owner may consider your offer and suggestions because they have helped them before.

It should be noted, reporting needs to be conveyed properly and clearly, such as describing where the problematic link is located.

This will give a good impression to the site owner and are willing to accept your blog to be served as a backlink.