Download Microsoft Office 2013 (Free Download)

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Download Microsoft Office 2013 (Free Download)
Download Microsoft Office 2013 (Free Download)

Download Microsoft Office 2013 (Free Download) – You probably already know who Bill Gates is. One of the famous figures throughout the world has succeeded in making inventions that can help human productivity, namely Microsoft Office. The program is also designed to run on various operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and MAC OS X. Microsoft Office also comes with various versions with their respective advantages, one of which is Microsoft Office 2013.

Microsoft Office 2013 is one of a series of Microsoft Office which is the successor of Microsoft Office 2010. This product, which has been in development since 2010 and was completed on October 11, 2012, is equipped with various new interesting features for its users. The general availability of Microsoft Office 2013 was then released on October 29, 2013, with 12 different editions.

Microsoft Office 2013 can also be said to have received a fairly good response from the public. Proven by the number of users who are very much up to now. Some of them may find it easier with the new features that Microsoft Office 2013 has, such as the following features.


Features of Microsoft Office 2013

Download Microsoft Office 2013 (Free Download)
Microsoft Word 2013 Interface

Latest interface

Microsoft made changes to the interface in Microsoft Office 2013. With a more modern, clean, and identical display design with the same checkered elements as Windows 8.

New reading mode

The latest feature of Microsoft Office 2013 is that it can display pages in a horizontal form. Actually, this feature is almost the same as the Full-Screen Reading View feature in Microsoft Word 2010. However, the difference is that this feature is maximized for touch screen users.

Can add online videos

You can also include videos from your search results on YouTube or other social media in the Microsoft Word document you are working on.

Open and edit PDF documents

Microsoft Office 2013 can also make it easier for you to open documents in PDF form. In addition, you can also edit the document like you would edit a document in Word.

Live layout dan alignment guides

The live layout feature can help you see how your document will look in real-time when you move, rotate, or zoom in on objects such as pictures, graphics, SmartArt objects, and more. The position of the text on the object can also change automatically, so you can easily see what your document will look like before making changes.

Expand and collapse features

This feature can make it easier for you when you want to read or edit documents that have quite a lot of content. Because this feature can hide (Collapse) and display (Expand) the contents of the document, making it easier for you if you want to focus on only certain parts.

Download Microsoft Office 2013 (Free Download)

If you are interested in using Microsoft Office 2013 for your PC or laptop. Here is a link that you can use to download it for free. Especially for those of you who touch screen users such as tablets or the like, you may find it easier to use Microsoft Office 2013.

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