CorelDraw X7 Free Download (32/64 Bit)

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CorelDraw X7 Free Download (32/64 Bit)

CorelDraw X7 Free Download – For users of design applications on computers or laptops, they must be familiar with the popular design application called CorelDraw.

CorelDraw is a design application that has various facilities that can make it easier for users to create and edit images more intensely. Not only that, with this application, you can also arrange page layouts more easily, generate QR codes, and add some interesting effects to the designs you create.

Similar to several other applications that update every year, CorelDraw also comes in various versions, each of which has its own advantages. One version of CorelDraw that you can know is CorelDraw X7. CorelDraw X7 itself is a part of the 17th version of CorelDraw. This version was released in 2014. Although it is not a new version, but CorelDraw X7 has some nice and interesting features to work on some designs you want.

CorelDraw X7 has also been used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world. This application can make it easier for you to create vector graphic designs for various purposes. Not only that, compared to the previous versions, namely CorelDraw X4 and X6, the X7 version provides several additional features that are more attractive and efficient compared to the previous version.

Features of CorelDraw X7

CorelDraw X7 Free Download (32/64 Bit)

The following are some of the additional features that CorelDraw X7 has that make this version more interesting than the previous version.

Color Styles

The color styles in CorelDraw X7 are displayed in the form of a docker. There is also a Hint View which has a function to show some objects that use a certain color scheme. Not only that but there is also a Page Sorter that can make it easier for you to play with color combinations and can see the results directly. This feature also provides several options for you to find colors with the color scheme you want so that the color combinations that appear can be harmonious.

Vector and Bitmap Pattern Fills

One of the newest features of CorelDRAW X7 is vector and bitmap pattern fills. This feature makes it easier for users to search, preview, and change the pattern of both vector and bitmaps in the Docker object properties.

Alignment Guides

This feature can make it easier for you when you have difficulty in positioning objects. Alignment guides come in the form of lines that show the right position when attaching an object.

Outline Position

Unlike the previous version, the X7 version has an outline position feature that can make it easier for users to move or change the outline position either on the outside, inside, or in the middle of the line. You can also find this feature on the available outline pen menu.

Multi-Tab or Multi-Screen

With this feature, you can open multiple tabs in CorelDraw X7. Even if you only use one monitor, the multi-screen or multi-tab feature can make it easier for you to separate several designs when editing.

Font Playground

This feature can let you play around with fonts more freely. Not only that, through this feature, you also choose a font with a lighter weight. You can find this feature in the Text menu and select Font Playground. Then you can easily use a wide selection of font types to make your designs more attractive.

CorelDraw X7 Free Download

To enjoy the various new features that CorelDraw X7 has, you can download and install this application on your computer or laptop for free. Here is a link that you can use to download it so you can immediately enjoy the various advantages and conveniences of making designs in more detail.

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