12 Best Freelance Sites to Increase Income in 2022

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12 Best Freelance Sites to Increase Income in 2022
12 Best Freelance Sites to Increase Income in 2022

Best Freelance Sites to Increase Income – Talking about freelance workers, it may not be fully popular among Indonesian workers, because by working directly to the workplace, it remains a benchmark for a person’s working status.

But in this digital era where almost everything is online, work can be done anywhere. The number of freelance workers is increasing, even this profession has become the main job for some people.


12 Best Freelance Sites to Increase Income in 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world since the beginning of 2020 has had an impact on the economy, so the option to seek additional income has been chosen by several workers in Indonesia.

Running a freelance job is indeed quite profitable, because you don’t need to come to the office to run an interview or take many tests in recruitment. Everything can be done online and the process is not complicated.

In general, you only need to send a portfolio or work that you have created, so that job recipients can select through the submitted portfolio.

The following is a list of work sites that can be easily accessed via a smartphone , desktop computer , or laptop .

1. Upwork

12 Best Freelance Sites to Increase Income in 2022

This Freelance site is quite popular among workers, namely Upwork . This freelance work site from the United States uses cloud technology, and is one of the work sites that has the largest number of clients and freelancers in the world.

Upwork provides several job vacancies or services ranging from customer service, website creation services, application development services, marketing, accounting, and writing. Some of the advantages of this site include:

  • It has received many awards, so it is reliable.
  • There are levels available on each project offered, so that it can measure the ability of workers.
  • Can chat with employers directly.
  • If you encounter a problem, Upwork can step in to help.

2. Behance

12 Best Freelance Sites to Increase Income in 2022

This site is not just a visual display of the work, but provides a number of projects with promising income. The majority of projects provided are graphic design as well as projects based on audio visual.

Access to the Behance site is not only via a PC, but can also be via a smartphone by downloading the application first.

You can first visit the site to register your data there, who knows if you are lucky you can get a full time or remote job as you wish.

3. Sribulancer

12 Best Freelance Sites to Increase Income in 2022

This Indonesian freelance work site is quite popular, you can also get a fee in USD if you take a project on this site. Payments are made via bank transfer, credit card, as well as Paypal.

You can participate in many projects from graphics, translators, to content/article writers. Sribulancer is complete with work guides, so it is very suitable for freelance workers who are just entering Sribulancer for the first time.

The format uses Indonesian and English. This freelance work site has accommodated tens of thousands of freelancers, as well as clients from several well-known companies.

4. Projects.co.id

12 Best Freelance Sites to Increase Income in 2022

The freelance work site Projects.co.id provides many diverse projects from various fields. Starting from IT, content writing, even social media.

Freelance job seekers simply visit this site and register for free, then they can start looking for projects that match their respective fields.

Freelancers are not only looking for work projects, they can also sell various products produced to clients. For example, designs for t-shirts, electronic books, social media/site creation services, to website templates.

5. Kreavi

12 Best Freelance Sites to Increase Income in 2022

Kreavi is a freelance job seekers site as well as a creative community place to network and showcase their work.

This site has a number of personal projects that can increase income, not just projects provided by the company. Kreavi provides many full-time jobs, as well as internships and part-time jobs.

This job site prioritizes creative work. All of the projects are intended for those of you who work in the creative industry, for example, copywriting, graphic design, as well as work with audio and visual bases.

6. Toptal

12 Best Freelance Sites to Increase Income in 2022

To register with Toptal , you must have a quality portfolio, because this site offers service seekers with the best talents from around the world, so the selection is also very strict, because the pay is also quite high compared to other freelance work sites in general.

You can choose your own project in the long term or short term, according to your abilities. In short, Toptal is a freelance job site for the world’s top rated workers.

This site is only the best job seekers with a fairly large amount of pay.

7. Fiverr

12 Best Freelance Sites to Increase Income in 2022

Fiverr is an international freelance job site with a slightly different way of working from most other freelance work websites. Freelance job seekers act as clients offering their expertise, to be hired by the company.

The convenience of this site is, you don’t need to apply, because you only need to make an announcement and wait for interested companies. The security provided is quite good, so there is no need to worry about data leaking to other parties.

8. PeoplePerHour

12 Best Freelance Sites to Increase Income in 2022

Joining the PeoplePerHour site , you are not required to spend a dime, but the level of competition between fellow freelance workers is very high.

Therefore, there is a rating system that is useful to promote yourself in competing for work. The benchmark price given is not too high, it can be said that the price is reasonable.

9. Guru

12 Best Freelance Sites to Increase Income in 2022

Freelance workers must be familiar with Guru , this application and site that was founded in 2001 is one of the best freelance workers in the world.

Job seekers and service seekers are required to create their own profiles. The system is also quite easy, if the client feels it fits your profile, then the work can begin.

Using the job finder feature allows you to search for jobs according to categories, locations, as well as payment types that can be customized.

10. Flexjobs

12 Best Freelance Sites to Increase Income in 2022

The Flexjobs freelance work site , apart from providing a freelance job platform, also encourages all people to try this career path, because jobs can be found from all over the world.

For 14.95 USD per month you have full access to a wide network of companies, from skill tests, to detailed company descriptions.

11. GetCraft

12 Best Freelance Sites to Increase Income in 2022

GetCraft is more into the production and publication of digital content to meet the needs of the digital marketing industry. So this site focuses on creative content, from influencer management, writers, photographers, graphic designs, to video producers.

This site also applies a strict selection in order to meet the needs of the best service.

12. Fastwork

12 Best Freelance Sites to Increase Income in 2022

You only need to register by creating an account to find freelance work that matches your abilities on the Fastwork site . Both buyers and job seekers are charged.

Freelance workers get a fee reduction of 17% each time they get paid for work that has been completed. Fastwork works with small and medium-sized companies and startup businesses that are your potential clients.

Those are the 12 freelance job search sites that we recommend. Actually there are many more freelance sites scattered around the world, but if you are a beginner, then you should try based on the list we made above. Hope this article can help you find a suitable part time job.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Best freelance sites for beginners?

If you are a beginner and want to become a freelancer, then you should also find a suitable freelance site for beginners. Here I recommend you to try with Fivrr, Sribulancer, Upwork, Freelancer, Fastwork.

Best freelance sites for web developers?

Are you a Web Developer? If yes, then you are very lucky because your skills are also very much needed on some of the freelance sites above. With this skill of yours, I recommend you to use Sribulancer, Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, Gigster, and Toptal.

Best freelance sites for writers?

You love to write and want to make money from your writing talent? Take it easy, because you also have a place here. It is recommended that you use Fiverr, ProBlogger, iWriter, and Upwork.

Best freelance sites for web designers?

Are you a web designer? I advise you to use Fiverr and maybe you should give Dribble a try if you want.

Best freelance sites for java developers?

If you are a programmer and more specific in the Java programming language, then I recommend you to use Fiverr.

Best freelance sites for graphic designers?

Do you really like graphic design? Well, it looks like your skills are in high demand right now. You can try several freelance sites from Fiverr, Upwork, 99designs, DesignCrowd, LogoNerds and many others.