Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 Free Download

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 Free Download
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Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 Free Download – When it comes to video editing, Adobe Premiere Pro is the top choice for many people. Although paid, the features in it are very worth the cost.

This software is fairly easy to use, both for professional video editors and beginners who are just getting into the world of editing.

If you want to know what are the main features of Adobe Premiere Pro along with its advantages and disadvantages, read this article to the end, OK!


What is Adobe Premiere Pro?

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editing software, one of the best in its field. You can use this software either for online or offline editing.

Because it has been incorporated into the Adobe CC (creative cloud) series, this software is integrated with other applications that may be needed for video editing.

In other words, digital assets created in other Adobe software can be easily accessed in Premiere Pro CC.

Suppose you create an illustration using Adobe Illustrator. The assets created can be directly inserted into the videos in Premiere Pro.

Quoted from the Adobe site, you can edit various video formats in Premiere Pro. Starting from low resolution, 8K, even to virtual reality.

Interestingly, as of February 2022, Adobe Premiere Pro has released version 22.2, which brings some significant changes.

The app now also provides features such as Premiere Pro’s ‘Remix’ software, which is an advanced audio retainer tool.

Premiere Pro version 22.2 is also equipped with a speech-to-text transcription algorithm or a speech-to-text conversion feature that has been upgraded to be 3 times faster than before.

If you want to use Adobe Premiere Pro, the cost that needs to be spent is IDR 283,300 per month. This software uses a subscription-based system.

With $18,85, you get the latest update, 100GB of cloud storage, and access to Adobe Fonts, Adobe Spark, Adobe Portfolio, and Premiere Rush.

If you need other software like Illustrator or InDesign, you can subscribe to the “All Apps” plan for $54.99 / month with unlimited access.

Interesting right?

Features of Adobe Premiere Pro

After learning what Adobe Premiere Pro is and how much it costs to access it, now is the time to find out about its exciting new features.

1. Color grading

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 Free Download

A feature of Adobe Premiere Pro that is quite helpful in the editing process is color grading. Using the HRD color range with the REC-2100 color space, color grading becomes more vibrant and dynamic.

This color grading specification has become the standard for videos shown via broadcast on television, you know.

2. Scene edit detection

If this one feature is only present in Adobe Premiere Pro. This scene edit detection allows you to edit video footage automatically. How to?

You just have to right-click on the video clip, select “Scene Edit Detection”, then choose whether you want the clip to be cut immediately or just be marked.

This feature could be something of a new eye, making recommendations in areas Premiere Pro thinks it’s fitting to cut.

3. Audio asset / Adobe Stock Audio

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 Free Download

To quote 4K Shooters, Adobe Stock Studio is a library of free-royalty audio assets that can be used for any video creation.

That way, you don’t have to bother searching the internet anymore, looking for royalty-free audio, and so on.

The advantage of this Adobe Premiere Pro audio library is that you can filter songs based on mood, duration, desired tempo, and don’t forget genre.

There is also a timeline sync feature that allows you to see if the selected track matches the video you created.

4. Adobe Premiere Pro Production

Another feature is Adobe Premiere Pro Production, which is arguably a kind of hub for collaboration.

With Production, workflows will be easier, and work that requires collaboration will be easier to do. You can collect XML, UMF, AAF, or EDL files as metadata in a collaborative video.

Advantages of Adobe Premiere Pro

When asked what are the advantages of Adobe Premiere Pro, actually quite a lot.

However, the main thing is that the interface of this software is straightforward to understand, and each feature choice is clearly arranged so that anyone can use it.

The choice of features is also diverse and greatly facilitates the work of video editors out there.

One of them is, according to PCMag, Adobe Premiere Pro has a lot of useful tools and very reliable stabilization.

For editors, especially video editors made with ordinary cameras, this is very beneficial. Creative Cloud (CC) also makes it easier for you to extract assets from other Adobe software. So, no need to bother downloading it first.

Even so, one of the drawbacks is the price of the subscription fee which may be quite expensive for people who have not worked and want to use this software.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 Free Download

Adobe Premiere is an application that is still in the same family as Adobe, which is a very large editing application company and is well known throughout the world.

If Adobe Photoshop tends to be into photo editing, then Adobe Premiere is a Video Editing program that was also developed by Adobe System. Adobe System itself is a software company that works in the fields of graphics, animation, video, and web development.

Adobe Premiere itself was created whose function is to assemble images, videos, and audio into very interesting content to be presented to the audience. Now to complete the results of video editing from Adobe Premiere earlier, it takes Adobe After Effects to give animation to the video that we are working on,

From the explanation in this article, it can be concluded that Adobe Premiere Pro is software that can be used easily, even by beginners.

You just need to experiment and continue to explore its features in it. If you are interested in using it, you can click the download link for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 below. Hopefully, this article can be helpful.

Download Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022